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1. What is ChatStick?
ChatStick is the service that provides creator to send their sticker to iOS with help from our professional marketing and technical support.
2. What should I do if I interested in selling my sticker with ChatStick?

Creators can register online via:

For more information, please contact us at

- Facebook :

- Line@ :  @chatstick

- Tel : 083-044-1575

3. Where can I send my sticker?
If creators have already registered, they can upload their stickers via our website (For upload tutorials please visit
4. Are there any requirements for a registration with ChatStick?

- A copy of your Identity card with certified true and corrected copy including your signature and date.

- A copy of your copyright information with certified true and corrected copy including your signature and date. (if possible)

- Your Sample Sticker.

5. Do I have to pay to register with ChatStick?
There is no registration fee.
6. Can the stickers which sent to ChatStick be the same as it used to sell elsewhere?
If creators hold a copyright, they can immediately send stickers to ChatStick to take appropriate actions.
7. What is the different sales model between iMessage for free and iMessage + Emoji keyboard? And is it important to create both form?

- iMessage for free is a free trial for only 5-7 stickers with In-App unlocked sticker function. This allows creators to further develop their ideas. However, usage is limited only on iMessage.

- iMessage + Emoji Keyboard is premium segment sticker sales with no free trial and the application also has Emoji Keyboard function, which can transfer to another keyboard App.

8. How long does it takes for my sticker to be approved?
The respond indicate that average approved time takes 10-15 days via Apple Inc.,
9. What is ChatStick defensive measure, when the content is found to be unauthorized use of the copyrighted material?
ChatStick is cooperate authorized reseller with Apple Developer Program registration in the form of a limited company. For full term of copyright protection from Apple, iMessage services provider on iOS 10. If the creator’s copyrighted material found to be illegal use, ChatStick will represent as a lawsuit agent to take action of the infringing App.
10. What size should my sticker image be?

- Images size: High 300-618 pixels x Width 300-618 pixels

- Format: PNG

- File name: Number_1, Number_2, Number_3,..., Number_120

- Sticker’s background must be transparent.

- Creators can freely design the size as they want, each size being displayed differently.

11. Is there minimum or maximum image limitation per a sticker set?
The images can be send up to 15 images per set. (24 images per set is recommended)
12. Can I send my sticker to sell in other platforms?
Even though creators give a permission to ChatStick to be their reseller but creators are also free to send their stickers to other platforms.
13. Can I set the price for my stickers?
Creators can set the price from 0.99$, 1.99$, 2.99$, 3.99$ and 4.99$
14. How much revenue share I will earn from total sticker sales?

Revenue share can be divided as follows:

- 30%-40% (upon VAT from distribution country) : Apple Inc.,

- 35% : Creators

- 25 % : ChatStick

15. How long do I making an agreement with ChatStick to be reseller?

Creators can provide ChatStick a copyright. The minimum period is upon 100 days since the date of sale on the Apple Store. If the creators would like to cancel the service. They can immediately inform us to remove the stickers from the App store.

16. Where can I follow up my total sales?
Creators can follow up their total sales at:
17. Creators can withdraw share revenue from an account by these following conditions:

 a) Creators who allow us to be the reseller, must have an ChatStick account balance at least 3000 Thai Bath.

 b) In due time 75 days since the first date of download via ChatStick.

 c) The complete document to confirm creator’s identity is required by the company. The exchange rate of the dollar transfer to the Thai Bath is designated by the company which announced each month.  Revenue sharing payment will be transferred between accounts every 16th of the month. If the creators would like to withdraw the money, they must inform it at least 2 weeks before the 16th. The company reserves the right to change terms and conditions without notice.

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