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Another new way that your brand has its own sticker.

“Free Stickers” for your clients without Line Official Account registration.
Direct messages, promotions and news to your clients with no limitation of recipients.
Worthwhile, only once download can be used in every application, such as iMessage, Line, Facebook Messenger etc.
Grow your business. With an analysis, insight, statistic and client’s behavior report. All the information you needed that bring your ideas to life.
Tel: +6685-8336612, +6684-0104252, +6663-6545206 (Mr.Poo)
Annual Membership Service
iMessage Sticker + Emoji KeyBoard
Sticker images amount to 12-24 images, it can be sent to every keyboard App.
Icon App and Screenshot
Sample images for advertising
Broadcast Message
No recipients limit, notify promotions and news to target group 2 times/month
Company’s Application
and become a recommend application on ChatStick
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